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The MFA Thesis Exhibitions presents the work of eight artists from the University of Calgary’s Graduating Master of Fine Arts class of 2021. Through drawing, mixed media, video, photography, and painting the artists showcases their research-led creation.

Featuring the work of:

Yeisen Chang, Samantha Charette, Fiona Couillard, Razieh Alba, Kenzie Housego, Maedeh Mosaverzadeh, Hesam Rezaei, and Shuoyuan Zhang.




Nickle Galleries (UCalgary):

The Gaps and Silences are Where You Find Yourself, Samantha Charette (August 13 – September 17)

Living with the Trouble, Maedeh Mosaverzadeh (August 13 – September 17)

Nexus of views, Hesam Rezaeil (August 13 – September 17)

Dao Operates Naturally, Shuoyuan Zhang (August 13 – September 17)

A Series of Related Things, Fiona Couillard (August 13 – September 17)


❤️💔❤️, Kenzie Housego (September 3 - 29)

foreigner, YS Chang (August X - X)


The Arnatt Gallery (UCalgary)

XXXXX, Razieh Alba, (July 2-23 ?)

No upcoming events at the moment
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